Our Guiding Principles

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It’s been a busy summer on the farm and we have lots of projects in the works, foremost which is a freezer, cooler, and retail store expansion/renovation. we’re almost through with the project and still hope to have an open house of sorts as soon as it’s completed.

Because of your support we are able to impact more consumers locally and regionally.

While expansion and increasing demand for clean food is exciting to see, we want to reassure you of our desire to remain committed to the principles that have guided our farm over the years.

Whether you are new to Freedom Acres or you’ve been with us for the past 7 years, we encourage you to review our guiding principles and values:

Faithful Stewardship

As a faith-driven farm, we believe we are to be found faithful in honoring our Creator’s intended design.

Here’s how we put this principle into action:

  • Caring for our animals the way we believe God intended; living outdoors and expressing their instinctive behaviors.
  • Building regenerative landscapes that sequester more carbon, absorb more clean water and photosensitize more sunlight.
  • Farming practices that provide a positive social and economic impact on our neighbors, communities, and region.

Open Door Policy

While industrial agriculture passes laws to keep people and cameras out, we’re doing the exact opposite.

Here’s how we put this principle into action:

  • We extend an open door policy to the public to visit every corner of our farm (yes, even the messy and the dirty).
  • We host behind the scenes summer wagon tours (cameras and questions welcomed!)
  • We welcome any and all questions either in person, via email or phone, and promise to respond personally and individually.

No Labeling Tricks

It’s our desire to earn long-term trust by being up-front and honest about our claims.

Here’s how we put this principle into action:

  • While 90% of “grass-fed beef” sold at retail in the USA is from cheap imported sources, we choose to stick with the real homegrown stuff.
  • While the U.S.D.A. allows the big guys to feed grain by-products and still be legally labeled as “100% grass-fed” – we’ve steered clear of this funny business.
  • While industrialized “pastured eggs” flood the supermarkets, we’ve remained true to hens that actually live and rotate on pasture, not in confinement style barns.

Shared Success

We’re not about trade secrets or keeping success to ourselves – we desire to see regenerative farms thriving everywhere!

Here’s how we put this principle into action:

  • We’re committed to scaling a mission-driven farm that exemplifies a viable proof of concept for other farms to follow.
  • As of 2019, we’re partnering with other family farms who help us provide regenerative foods to more consumers.

I’m a fan of the late Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and have been greatly inspired by his writings. He is quoted to have said, “Deep within each of us is an inner longing to live a life of greatness and contribution – to really matter, to really make a difference. We can consciously decide to leave behind a life of mediocrity and to life a life of greatness – at home, at work, and in the community.”

While I consider myself and this farm as yet never reached more than mediocrity, my goal is to model the quote above and aim for more than mediocrity, not for my own satisfaction or fame, but for the betterment of my family, this farm (and agriculture in general), and the community of consumers we’re surrounded withAnd that’s the View from the Country.

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