In Everything Give Thanks

We’re gearing up for what is probably our busiest few days of the year, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the week of Thanksgiving, Monday morning we start processing turkeys, and from then until Wednesday evening it’s go, go, go—dressing and packing turkeys, chatting with customers, ensuring all the dairy, pumpkin pies, eggs, etc. are here that they need to round out their festive meal.

For us, Thanksgiving week is the harbinger of an end the poultry season.  We’re always glad to see the last bird go in the fall because we’re tired and rich.  We’re glad to see the first ones come in the spring because we’re rested and poor.

But this is the cycle of the seasons, the ebb and flow that naturally comes when you farm as part of the environment rather than distinctly apart from it.   Ours is a calling to immerse, not to separate.  To integrate, not segregate.

The last poultry processing day of the season, therefore, carries lots of emotions.  We’re grateful to survive another season.  We’re eager for the winter down time to plan and refresh.  We’re sad to see the green grass turn brown as temperatures drop and vegetation goes into its rest cycle.  We’re excited about the changes we’ll make for next year, the refinements and developments, to do better.

We also think a lot about the number of people who will enjoy one of our turkeys in the next week.  We don’t take this lightly; it’s an honor and privilege for our craft and dedication to be invited into Thanksgiving celebrations.  From the turkeys going by us on the processing table, we imagine looking up into the smiling faces of assembled family and friends.

Here at Freedom Acres, our constant refrain this time of year is “we’re helping a lot of Thanksgvings to be celebrated with happiness.”  Isn’t it right and proper to have this gracious pause before the Christmas season?  Thanksgiving is the calm before the storm, a day of reflection before a day of commerce.  It’s a good thing.

These final few days prior to Thanksgiving is our “Turkeygeddon.”  Like Armageddon, but with turkeys.  It’s our gathering of armies and resources for the end-of-season battle. We still have about 60 turkeys available, so if you’ve delayed, let us know and we can provide a home for these birds.

This Thanksgiving, let’s raise our glasses to gratitude.  Forget about the election for a day.  Forget about impeachment for a day.  Forget about the bully or weirdo across the street.  Forget about the relational trial at work.  Forget about the bills.  And just take time to be grateful and thankful.  When you open the news and see Hong Kong, Africa, Syria, be thankful you live in America. Be thankful for your spouse and your family. Thankful for a job. Don’t let the things you WANT make you forget the things you HAVE!And that’s the View from the Country.

What size turkey do you want?

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