The Domestic Larder

Larder. That’s not a word you hear too much today, is it?

Our grandparents invested heavily in stocking their larder. Supermarkets did not exist until 1946. Before then, a household’s food was stored in the domestic larder. In those days, any person wishing to see a community’s food stash could find it nestled securely in homes.

Back in the day, putting up food in the family larder took significant time and effort. Prior to modern-day freezers and vacuum sealed packaging, meat preservation required that it to be salt/sugar cured and hung in the attic. The only means of keeping milk and dairy foods shelf stable was to turn it into cheese or butter, and veggies were pickled or fermented and hoarded in the cellar. The convenience of affordable family-scale freezers and refrigerators changed all that, and keeping a well-stocked larder is much easier today than in times past.

We encourage you to create your own larder, and offer discounts on bulk purchases that are advantageous for you and for us. In addition to our popular custom cut beef and pork, we have a growing number of beef and pork, and chicken bulk bundles available. Given the startling statistic of a mere three day food supply in most towns or cities, food preservation and a freezer well stocked with meat provides peace of mind in extreme weather or other uncertain circumstances. 

Imagine yourself in your home nestled in abundance—surrounded by integrity food.  You enjoy a soul-level satisfaction and pleasure wrapped in the earth’s nurturing provision.  That is a balm.  It touches us deeply, profoundly, with a hopeful, optimistic mindset.  At Pasture to Fork, we desire real pleasure for you and bring you bulk meat bundles as well as sampler packages of our pastured chicken, woodlot pork, and grass-fed grass-finished beef. 

In my opinion, investing in a domestic larder not only makes financial sense, but is the proactive choice to personal preservation and stress elimination. As Stephen Covey famously said, ” Everyone must be proactive and do all they can to help themselves…”And that’s the View from the Country.

Do you have a domestic larder?

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