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Where do we find a word that connotates more hope than “healing”? My dictionary defines it as; “the act or process of making or becoming whole, sound, or well”. Definitely encouraging. On the flip side, antonyms for healing include detrimental, harmful, damaging, deleterious, noxious, adverse, nocuous, disadvantageous and ill. All of which are words we use to describe things we… Read More

Opting Out

Call it swimming upstream, bucking the system, or perhaps being a rogue. I, however, prefer to simply call it “opting out.” In short, it’s taking the road less traveled; “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost Most folks shrink from the thought of… Read More

The True Measure of Food Quality

At Pasture to Fork, we have plenty to say about Corporate Food’s sleazy labeling tricks, which makes the pseudo food produced in their laboratories and food factories out to be not only desirable, but quite healthy as well. And I must say, even for a real-food-passionate person like myself, a walk down grocery store aisles—especially at mealtime—instigates a level of… Read More

The Freedom to Choose

As we enter the holiday weekend, and the 245th anniversary of Independence Day, there’s much to think about considering the state of freedom and liberty in the United States. I try to stay out of politics in this blog, but then again, many so-called political issues of our day were/are moral, humanitarian, or civil concerns prior to being politicized. So,… Read More

Growing Sturdy Children

We Believe… when a life form is given what it needs, purged of what it doesn’t need, and put in an environment where stress is minimal and nature prevalent, it has the capacity to heal itself. I get enthusiastic about a number of concepts and ideas (is having too many interests a thing?), but the study of epigenetics is especially… Read More

Beyond Labels

For better or for worse, I’ve been known to blow the whistle on organic food and farming. Honestly, I abhor many practices commonly used in organic food production such as confinement chicken and pork production, feedlot beef, and vegetable raised using “organic” chemicals (yes, that is a widespread practice on many organic produce farms). If the non-organic food sector focuses… Read More

We’re Under Fire

Good afternoon,In the midst of yet another winter storm, we have good news and bad news to share with you. Listen up, this letter concerns all of you and your/our future as lovers of food freedom. In this open letter to all of you I will first share the bad news, explain the position we now find ourselves in, rant… Read More

2021 Bulk Beef Sale

Exciting News! Our annual beef sale goes live today and will run through this Friday the 19th. This sale includes both our popular grass-fed ground beef bundle and our 1/8 beef bundle (which includes ground beef in addition to steak and roast. If you’ve never purchased in bulk and find it a bit intimidating, be assured, we understand and want… Read More