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Chicken Poop with your Beef, Anyone?

I should probably title this blurb “Why not Feedlot Beef” instead, because to truly understand the benefits of grassfed beef we need to delve into the disadvantages of feedlot—which is to say “supermarket”—beef. Although there are a number of reasons grass-fed beef is healthier for the human body—and the land it’s raised on, I prefer to begin with animal health.… Read More


Why Pastured Chicken?

Many folks are puzzled when we say we place more emphasis on chicken being raised outdoors than we do on organic certification. But here’s why. Almost all certified organic chicken sold in supermarkets (yes, even “good” organic outlets like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s) is raised indoors in a production very similar to non-organic chicken. While they may be consuming… Read More

Who are the Elite?

We’re attacked. Not only us, but you, too. And other farmers and food consumers like you and I. Accused! Blamed to be elitists for producing and/or consuming real food. Due to adhering to—and acting upon— the belief that food is a you-get-what-you-pay-for object like many other consumables we purchase. Woe is us! What a better-than-thou principle we hold to! But… Read More

The Next Generation

This may be unusual for a man to admit, but I have a burden for sickly children who struggle with less-than-vibrant health. As a child and young adult, I was always the sickly kid. I am told that I needed oxygen at birth and had a poor sucking reflex. As a young child, I had allergies—at least that’s what it… Read More

Freedom and Risk

Good afternoon and Happy Fourth. I’ll be glad for rain but hope your party doesn’t get rained out. We know the original Independence Day was to celebrate the newly declared freedom from British rule. That we still collectively celebrate Independence Day after 243 years is remarkable, in my opinion. I dare say many American citizens today have only a vague… Read More

Meatless Meat

There’s a rising tide of on the shore of the food scene called “fake meat”.  According to the primary sources of information—which, so far, originates from the manufacturers (and the news media, of course) it sounds very positive—and hip. But I question the credibility of those information sources. Fake meat is coming from two directions. The only one being very… Read More

calf in grassy meadow

Aromatically and Aesthetically Pleasing

Time is in short supply so I’ll need to keep this post short because the weather is beautiful and the To Do list is long. But in my opinion it’s the best time of year to be living and working on a farm, especially on a grass farm such as ours where the grass is green and actively growing, baby… Read More


In today’s industrialized food system, we Americans have almost forgotten about seasonality. In times past—especially before the existence of refrigeration, many foods were available on only a seasonal basis. Tomatoes—and many other vegetables—unless preservation measures were taken, were not to be had other than fresh from the garden or produce market during the summer. Perhaps even more astounding is the… Read More

The Post-Antibiotic Era

Speaking of changing in increments, most of us learn in increments as well. Schools don’t teach first graders algebra or math equations for good reason. By the same token, as adults we usually accept certain ideas and truths more fully if they come incrementally. The first exposure to a new idea or occurrence may spark an interest—only to fade soon… Read More

Beyond Organic

What is “organic” and what does it mean? The Encarta dictionary on my computer defines it as; of living things; relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living things. Or as: developing naturally; occurring or developing gradually and naturally, without being forced or contrived. At the beginning of the organic food movement in the 1960’s—yes, it began as a fringe movement—these definitions were… Read More