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2021 Bulk Beef Sale

Exciting News! Our annual beef sale goes live today and will run through this Friday the 19th. This sale includes both our popular grass-fed ground beef bundle and our 1/8 beef bundle (which includes ground beef in addition to steak and roast. If you’ve never purchased in bulk and find it a bit intimidating, be assured, we understand and want… Read More

6 Misleading Beef Claims…

This post is longer than most, because of the many angles to this discussion. BUT…I believe you’ll want to take a few minutes to read it, especially if you have ever paid a premium for food only to discover later that the product was inferior to the claims made. Perhaps this has happened to you and you didn’t even know… Read More

Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Last week we shared our experience on how to keep your Thanksgiving from getting too complicated, as well as an idea for cooking your turkey early. We also promised to share a few additional simple recipes to help round out the meal. Honestly, we’re not so smart that we figured out this simplicity thing ourselves, but found other folks with the… Read More

Keep It Simple On Thanksgiving Day

Avoiding undue stress on Thanksgiving Day… Each and every one of us—when hosting guests for Thanksgiving—desires to not only to serve the best food possible but also to have such a climate in our home that causes our guests to feel at ease. Preparing excellent food is an art in itself, and to be the hosts who have it all… Read More

Opportunity and Hardship

With most store shelves filling up again, the sudden food shortage earlier this year could seem like a bad nightmare. While it was relatively short lived, the panic buying, product limits, and empty meat counters were definitely a reality, and barring another shutdown, will hopefully stay that way for a while.  That’s the kind of news we all want to… Read More

Dare to be Different

The world, it seems, is full of shortsighted people.   Shortsighted people refuse to consider the future when making decisions. They refuse to acknowledge the world is constantly changing.   They will continue to make decisions based on the past – and they will continue to blame others for their circumstances. In reality, they have no one to blame but themselves. We… Read More


The Storm Fiasco

If you had any interaction with us during the past two weeks you’ve experienced it. Long intervals until we replied to email and phone calls. Less than optimal customer service when shopping at the farm store. Mistakes made on orders delivered to buying clubs. You likely wondered what’s happening. Well, there were things going on. We were in crisis mode.… Read More

Food vs. Medicine

Wendell Berry once said, ““People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry which pays no attention to food.” To me, this is an amazing observation. And one that we’re seeing played out now perhaps more than ever. We have a global pandemic, which may or may not be… Read More

The Prime Act

As you know, meat availability is being threatened because of Covid outbreaks in slaughterhouses throughout the nation forcing processors to either shut down or operate at partial capacity. Because of this many folks who otherwise had no idea, are seeing how the cogs work in the greater meat industry in the United States—especially red meat. For several decades now, globalization… Read More

Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom

Are you weary of the abundance of Coronavirus gossip? The profusion of opinions and angles surrounding this issue are just amazing—and confusing. The actual virus is now yesterday’s story. What’s left is the political and economic fallout, along with various measures of government control, and uncertainty. We’ve faced a wide spectrum of emotions in the last several weeks. Sentiments run… Read More