Environmental Stewardship

Regeneration and Resilience

We believe… perennial grasses, along with managed grazing animals, heal, regenerate, and revitalize soil. We also believe… that not only is it completely unlike nature to not have animals on the land, but that it is patently impossible to build soil without animals or the manures thereof. Regeneration and Resiliency in Action – As you may know, we—and other farms… Read More

Do You Have a Safe Food Supply?

If you’ve been interacting with us for a while, you know we’ve chosen to circumvent governmental oversight rather than comply. If the state and county food oversight bureaucracies had their druthers, we would have a raw milk permit to sell raw milk, a licensed and inspected kitchen in which to make homemade canned goods, an inspected processing facility to process… Read More

The Importance of Water

Most of us share a common problem. That is, we don’t drink enough water. If you’re like me, you simply forget to drink water, especially when you’re busy. I’ve joked that my thirst mechanism doesn’t work, but all jokes aside, in recent years I’ve learned that’s actually true. If you lose the habit of not drinking regularly you become sub-clinically… Read More

6 Tips to Saving Money on Quality Foods

The first subject on my mind this morning is the sad matter of a price increase. Due to rising costs of packaging—largely driven by a hike in transportation costs—we’re forced to raise the price of our dairy as well as some meat cuts. Milk jug costs have risen sharply in the last few months, and although we’ve absorbed it as… Read More


Where do we find a word that connotates more hope than “healing”? My dictionary defines it as; “the act or process of making or becoming whole, sound, or well”. Definitely encouraging. On the flip side, antonyms for healing include detrimental, harmful, damaging, deleterious, noxious, adverse, nocuous, disadvantageous and ill. All of which are words we use to describe things we… Read More

Growing Sturdy Children

We Believe… when a life form is given what it needs, purged of what it doesn’t need, and put in an environment where stress is minimal and nature prevalent, it has the capacity to heal itself. I get enthusiastic about a number of concepts and ideas (is having too many interests a thing?), but the study of epigenetics is especially… Read More