Farm News

In Everything Give Thanks

We’re gearing up for what is probably our busiest few days of the year, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the week of Thanksgiving, Monday morning we start processing turkeys, and from then until Wednesday evening it’s go, go, go—dressing and packing turkeys, chatting with customers, ensuring all the dairy, pumpkin pies, eggs, etc. are here that they need to round… Read More

cow in pasture

Our Guiding Principles

It’s been a busy summer on the farm and we have lots of projects in the works, foremost which is a freezer, cooler, and retail store expansion/renovation. we’re almost through with the project and still hope to have an open house of sorts as soon as it’s completed. Because of your support we are able to impact more consumers locally… Read More

calf in grassy meadow

Aromatically and Aesthetically Pleasing

Time is in short supply so I’ll need to keep this post short because the weather is beautiful and the To Do list is long. But in my opinion it’s the best time of year to be living and working on a farm, especially on a grass farm such as ours where the grass is green and actively growing, baby… Read More