Farming Journal


The Storm Fiasco

If you had any interaction with us during the past two weeks you’ve experienced it. Long intervals until we replied to email and phone calls. Less than optimal customer service when shopping at the farm store. Mistakes made on orders delivered to buying clubs. You likely wondered what’s happening. Well, there were things going on. We were in crisis mode.… Read More


As you know, Covid-19 hasn’t gone away, and with most of our nation still in lockdown, many Americans remain fearful of the virus and/or its consequences. Meanwhile, others are questioning the validity of the whole ordeal. We live in a strange time, for sure. Whether it’s a hoax or the threat as it’s made out to be remains uncertain. With… Read More

A Fragile System Exposed

2020 Spring Newsletter A trip to the local grocery store or supermarket in the past days and weeks turns up many empty shelves—a sight that most Americans have not seen before.  This is just one of a myriad of ramifications of the coronavirus outbreak. Without a doubt, this will affect us for months to come.  But this may be positive… Read More

Normalcy in an Abnormal Situation

With America being in the midst of what is likely the most tense time since the 9/11 attacks in 2001, I think it behooves us to take into consideration the things that are completely stable and normal—when so many things seem unstable and abnormal. First I’ll portray some of the things that are happening here on the farm. The arrival… Read More


In today’s industrialized food system, we Americans have almost forgotten about seasonality. In times past—especially before the existence of refrigeration, many foods were available on only a seasonal basis. Tomatoes—and many other vegetables—unless preservation measures were taken, were not to be had other than fresh from the garden or produce market during the summer. Perhaps even more astounding is the… Read More

The Beauty of Four Seasons

While the ground is still mostly snow-covered in our “neck of the woods”, it looks as if spring may be “springing” with warmer temperatures predicted for this week. If anything’s exciting, it’s the promise of spring just around the corner. Don’t misread me, we like winter, and enjoy the incomparable scenes winter snow and ice bring to the landscape, but the life, vigor, and new awakening… Read More