Food Industry

The Post-Antibiotic Era

Speaking of changing in increments, most of us learn in increments as well. Schools don’t teach first graders algebra or math equations for good reason. By the same token, as adults we usually accept certain ideas and truths more fully if they come incrementally. The first exposure to a new idea or occurrence may spark an interest—only to fade soon… Read More

Beyond Organic

What is “organic” and what does it mean? The Encarta dictionary on my computer defines it as; of living things; relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living things. Or as: developing naturally; occurring or developing gradually and naturally, without being forced or contrived. At the beginning of the organic food movement in the 1960’s—yes, it began as a fringe movement—these definitions were… Read More


Respect. What is it? My Thesaurus defines it as; to feel or show admiration and deference toward somebody or something. Another definition is; to pay due attention to and refrain from violating something. I like both of those and it is our foremost desire to portray these definitions of respect on our farm and in our interaction with the consumers of our… Read More

Independence vs. Interdependence

I have a deep appreciation for people who recognize that the modern illusion of human independence is just that – an illusion. Throughout history, humans have always been dependent on each other—community and kin—as well as the surrounding eco-system for survival. But as life became easier due to industrial and technological advancements, we became more independent—and many of us are… Read More

Food Transparency

The lack of transparency in food and agriculture has allowed people to run corporations that adulterate our food, degrade our environment, mistreat animals, and profit from increasingly sick soils, sick food crops, sick animals, and sick people. It’s been said that if factory farms were built with glass walls so that the public could see in, this would change our food system overnight. In… Read More