Grass-fed Beef

Concerning Food Shortages

At this point you’ve probably been exposed to the circulating speculation regarding food shortages. This is concerning, especially given it could come on something of a global scale. But as always, I’m inclined to take a rational view of potential crises (I’ve been accused of being lackadaisical in my responses to intense situations). First and foremost, the driver of a… Read More

How Grass-fed Meat Feeds You Optimally

In keeping with our promise last week, this post will delve into the nutrition side of grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef. First, I’ll go into the common science-based points such as omega fatty acids and CLA, and then we’ll visit the less known aspects. Here goes: Omega Fatty Acids- Although it’s now almost common knowledge among educated consumers that grass-fed meat… Read More

The Grass-fed Difference –

While we believe in–and constantly talk about–the health benefits and environmental value of pastured animal proteins, it becomes necessary and beneficial to revisit the “WHY” from time to time. Today we’re offering some detail on the “WHY” of grass-fed (and of course, grass-finished) beef. Here goes…. GRASS-fed: Provides every cow over 100,000 sq. ft. of fresh pasture via daily moves to… Read More

2021 Bulk Beef Sale

Exciting News! Our annual beef sale goes live today and will run through this Friday the 19th. This sale includes both our popular grass-fed ground beef bundle and our 1/8 beef bundle (which includes ground beef in addition to steak and roast. If you’ve never purchased in bulk and find it a bit intimidating, be assured, we understand and want… Read More

6 Misleading Beef Claims…

This post is longer than most, because of the many angles to this discussion. BUT…I believe you’ll want to take a few minutes to read it, especially if you have ever paid a premium for food only to discover later that the product was inferior to the claims made. Perhaps this has happened to you and you didn’t even know… Read More

The Unmentioned Alternative?

If you’ll recall, two weeks ago our featured  article dubbed Chicken Poop with Your Beef, Anyone?, discussed feed content in feed rations fed to beef, which in turn becomes the food we eat, indirectly. Although I find the thought of feeding chicken poop to herbivores downright disgusting, as most of us likely do, to me the thought of plant-based meat mockup… Read More

Chicken Poop with your Beef, Anyone?

I should probably title this blurb “Why not Feedlot Beef” instead, because to truly understand the benefits of grassfed beef we need to delve into the disadvantages of feedlot—which is to say “supermarket”—beef. Although there are a number of reasons grass-fed beef is healthier for the human body—and the land it’s raised on, I prefer to begin with animal health.… Read More