How Avian Flu Affects Us (Or Not)

You may not have heard, but avian influenza is once again running rampant through the nation’s poultry flocks, resulting in the extermination of over 28 million laying hens and turkeys. And of course, the media weighs in on the rise in egg and chicken prices and to parrot the mainstream narrative. Avian influenza has made its rounds in several areas… Read More

Keep It Simple On Thanksgiving Day

Avoiding undue stress on Thanksgiving Day… Each and every one of us—when hosting guests for Thanksgiving—desires to not only to serve the best food possible but also to have such a climate in our home that causes our guests to feel at ease. Preparing excellent food is an art in itself, and to be the hosts who have it all… Read More


The Storm Fiasco

If you had any interaction with us during the past two weeks you’ve experienced it. Long intervals until we replied to email and phone calls. Less than optimal customer service when shopping at the farm store. Mistakes made on orders delivered to buying clubs. You likely wondered what’s happening. Well, there were things going on. We were in crisis mode.… Read More

Why Pastured Chicken?

Given the fact that our passion for clean food has morphed from a hobby scale to a farm scale and now a small business that stocks a complete line of pasture raised meats, our clean food endeavor has moved from an effort to feed our family to one that feeds a community of interested eaters. While that may be a… Read More