Beating the Baby Food Crisis

With headlines screaming of a shortage in baby formula, I can’t resist weighing in. I know this is one of the highly politicized stories of the day, but I’ll try to stay out of the political “weeds” surrounding this topic. Stick with me to the end and I’ll share a few resources. As always, there’s a high probability of there… Read More

Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Last week we shared our experience on how to keep your Thanksgiving from getting too complicated, as well as an idea for cooking your turkey early. We also promised to share a few additional simple recipes to help round out the meal. Honestly, we’re not so smart that we figured out this simplicity thing ourselves, but found other folks with the… Read More

Keep It Simple On Thanksgiving Day

Avoiding undue stress on Thanksgiving Day… Each and every one of us—when hosting guests for Thanksgiving—desires to not only to serve the best food possible but also to have such a climate in our home that causes our guests to feel at ease. Preparing excellent food is an art in itself, and to be the hosts who have it all… Read More

Of Soups and Broth

As a family, we’re avid fans of Esther’s excellent soups and stews, and can easily make a meal of a bowl of her tasty soup. With the arrival of cooler weather, mealtime often includes a large bowl of soup or stew. Esther makes a superb chili and chicken corn soup, and recently began offering pints and quarts of it in… Read More