Our Farm

Our Pledge

In a nutshell, our foods are:

  • Humanely raised on pasture
  • Antibiotic and GMO free
  • 100% Grassfed (beef and dairy)
  • Artificial hormone free
  • Produced on small family farms

Our Commitment to You

As a family who is well acquainted with the frustration caused by the lack of integrity in food as well as the host of false claims, we commit our food and farm to be:


With rising concern for animal welfare and food ethics, we commit ourselves to truly compassionate livestock husbandry. All interaction with livestock is performed with utmost care paid to avoid undue stress. Following nature’s template in raising food animals creates an atmosphere that animals love and thrive in, and implementing low-stress handling methods adds to the health and vitality of the animals, which increases the nutritional profile of the meat and milk they produce.

Equally important is true integrity in using the purest of ingredients. Avoiding questionable additives and preservatives commonly used in the larger food industry is paramount. We value our clientele’s desire for quality foods raised naturally for betterment of our environment, and processed with simple ingredients you’re familiar with in your kitchen.

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Transparency can’t be guaranteed with paper-thin food labels… actually, wordy labels often serve as a cover-up for poor quality and dubious practices. Person to person producer/consumer relationships discourage flaky practices and hiding behind labels like no other form of marketing. It’s a trust and relationship thing! That’s why we invite you to visit our farm, meet us, and get to know our food and farming values.


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Why are we committed to Unadulterated Food?

Our broiler chickens are raised outdoors with grass and fresh air.

From our own experience dealing with ill health from childhood into adulthood, we know the difference “clean food” can make, and that’s why we became farmers… and not only farmers – but farmers who care about you and your health, and bring you the quality food we desire for our family.

Growing up with allergies and a very compromised immune system was unpleasant, to say the least. When we found healing through food — yes, food as medicine, we pledged ourselves to make available to others the quality foods we found healing through. Vibrant health is inseparable from the soil our food is grown in. We are what we eat, and what our food animals eat. True health, we believe, follows this trajectory: healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy animals = healthy meat/dairy = healthy people.

In the early 2000s when our family began pursuing true health, we embarked on a food journey based on intuition, endless reading, and experimentation, and were led to a diet of traditional foods. With time, that journey morphed into a farm and food production centered around the ancient farming practices of perennial grass and pastured livestock, which not only produces clean nutritious food, but also heals the worn-out soils on a farm that had been farmed to death for 75 years by annual crops and chemical pesticides and herbicides. 

On this food journey we have seen miraculous changes to our own family’s collective health — along with many of our customers who share their healing stories — merely by choosing old-fashioned nutrition over modern processed foods from faceless brands. 

Do you know where your food comes from?

At Pasture to Fork, we dislike faceless brands, and decided to not become one. We’re real people with a real farm, and we know how difficult it can be to find a trusted food source that lives up to the claims.

  • Are you confident in the meat you eat?
  • Can you visit the farmer who raised it?
  • Can you verify the claims?

We believe food should be raised with transparency so you can make a confident choice!

This is not some “new idea” or “latest fad.” It’s the old-fashioned method of producing food. It’s the way our grandparents farmed and ate years ago – before synthetic chemicals, preservatives, GMOs, and their subsequent human health epidemics that have come as a result. For generations, people all over the world ate by the direction of their five senses – with no “experts” telling them how they should eat, no food pyramid, and no Food and Drug Administration. The result was far less illness and disease. Unbelievable! We devote ourselves and our farm to you with that vision, and commit to bring you the best, the purest, and the safest of just simply… GOOD CLEAN FOOD!

Photos from our farm