20-pound Ground Beef w/Organs Bundle


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Our ever-popular ground beef with organs in coupled with volume savings. It’s a win-win!

Made from 85% premium ground beef and 25% organ meat (10%heart, 10% kidney, 5% liver), this delectable ground beef contains not only super healthy organ meats that are hard to come by but tastes good to boot. While it’s only 5% liver–for the sake of both taste and texture–the relatively small amount of liver adds a tenderness that regular ground beef doesn’t have.

As you know, most people–especially children–are not fond of liver or organ meats in general. Yet almost all traditional cultures consumed them far more than we do and were only healthier for it. Many people today are aware of the overwhelming evidence that we should have more organ meat in our diets but don’t know how to incorporate them without violating the taste buds (or perhaps our modern-day squeamishness :). Taste, texture, and healthfulness… our ground beef with organs checks all the boxes. Stock up today and save!