Cheese Pizza Kit


From the Bakery @ Walnut Run.
Frozen and ready to assemble, heat, and enjoy.

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Another excellent product from the Bakery @ Walnut Run. Pizza of this quality is simply not to be found anywhere else. Made with sourdough crust, organic tomato paste, and cheese from grass-fed cows, they are definitely the Real McCoy.

This is our go-to meal on days when time is in high demand. All it takes is thaw it an hour or two prior to eating, assemble it as soon as the sauce is thawed enough to spread, and bake it at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. No need to resort to poor quality fast food on rushed days.

While Walnut Run puts forth all effort to use the best of ingredients, they’re also careful to use non-contaminating cookware such as stainless steel (no cheap aluminum or teflon lined). This pizza not only boasts a memorable flavor and texture, but come guilt-free to boot.