Chicken Feed – GMO-free & Soy-free – 60 lbs.


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If you have backyard chickens and are distrustful of the GMO-laden-artificial-ingredient-ridden-now-potentially-mrna-vaccine-tainted commercial feed brands out there, please know there is better to be found. Due to rising demand, we stock our GMO-free-soy-free-chemical-free-all-grains-locally-sourced-made-in-a-small-family-business layer feed in 60 lb. bags ready for immediate pickup. This is the same feed we give our pastured layer flock here at Pasture to Fork, and the resulting eggs are phenomenal.

At Pasture to Fork, we believe in the adage that not only are we what we eat, but what our food animals eat as well.

Please note, this feed is pelletized to reduce waste. It is not certified organic but is produced without chemicals or genetically modified seeds. At a rate of 1/3 pound per hen per day, 60 lbs. will last about 30 days per half dozen hens.