Chicken Thighs


1.5 lb. Avg. | Pkg.

Always pasture raised, GMO-free, and chemical-free.

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Always a dinner time favorite, Pasture to Fork provides you with delicious chicken thighs. Our birds are completely free from any steroid or hormone injections for completely guilt-free eating.

As dark meat, these thighs are packed with flavor which is only heightened when they’re cooked over a medium flame in an iron-cast skillet (think crispy skin). Add a liberal coating of butter or olive oil and finish them in the oven for the final 20 minutes, and you’ll have tender meat with beautiful golden-brown skins.

A debate in many households is centered around chicken thighs vs. breasts. While we offer both delicious options, the chicken thighs include more fat, which adds a wonderful flavor element and healthy omega 3 fats.  Totally farm to fork, and it’s available to purchase today!

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1 lb. package (4 thighs), 20 lb. bundle