Chicken Wings


1.5 lb. Avg. | Pkg.

Always pasture raised, GMO-free, and chemical-free

Throwing a party? Take advantage of our 20 lb. chicken wing bundle.

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The prime finger food whether you’re entertaining guests or just having a simple family meal, chicken wings provide that delicate balance of tender meat and crisp skin. Plus, will keep you reaching for more when paired with the sauce of your choice, whether it be buffalo, ranch, teriyaki, honey mustard, or ___________ (fill in the blank).

Our wings can be served as a simple snack food, as the meat component of your favorite meat and salad meal, or as a stand-alone super-bowl-Sunday-eat-while-watching-the-game food. Wings are best when deep-fried or slow-roasted at low temps. Before you cook the wings, make sure that you have thawed them entirely. Once you’re ready to cook, rinse in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.

Our wings come vacuum sealed in a package of eight wings and can easily be separated into wingette and drumette to make your favorite party wings.

As always, GMO-free, chemical free, and raised outdoors in floor-less field shelters right here at Pasture to Fork.