Einkorn Bread


Choose between a regular loaf and a small loaf

Organic & Gluten-free

From The Bakery @ Walnut Run

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The ingredients of this bread speak for themselves; Organic Einkorn flour, water, grass-fed Jersey milk, pastured butter, honey, pastured eggs, Real salt, and baking soda. In addition to a great alternative wheat, Walnut Run gives you the best of the best in the rest of the ingredients in this excellent bread.

What is Einkorn? It’s an old variety known as nature’s first and oldest wheat. Not only is Einkorn pure, easier to digest, and just plain healthier for you… it also tastes great. Its flavor is much richer than your run of the mill bread.

The Bakery @ Walnut Run sets lofty quality standards unparalleled by their competition. Alternative flours, 100% grass-fed milk, pastured eggs,and organic ingredients overall. At Pasture to Fork, we are proud to partner with them and salute them for their quality and integrity standards.