Flank Steak


12 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

100% Grass-Fed / Grass-Finished.

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While this steak is less tender than other cuts you can get, that doesn’t make it any less desirable. A relatively thin steak, it has a beefy, robust flavor that only comes from its less tender area of the cut. Its toughness and flavor make it perfect for spicy dishes like fajitas or tacos. Carve this steak across the grain when slicing it for your meal to promote a bit of tenderness.

As you’ve come to expect, our meat is treated with the upmost ethical care and quality before it even reaches your door, so you know you’re getting the best product we have to offer. Our cattle’s diet is simple: 100% grass, water, and a simple regime of sea minerals. Our cattle are never given antibiotics, drugs, hormones, or steroids.