Frozen Sweet Corn


1 pint frozen sweet corn

Grown regeneratively here at Pasture to Fork

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Our world is inundated with preserved ready-to-cook food, but how much of it is raised with optimal nutrition in mind?

At Pasture to Fork, we now bring you homegrown vegetables form our own gardens where we are cultish about soil health. We believe that in order to maximize nutrition we must focus on the soil. We can’t have a healthy plant without a healthy soil, and we can’t have healthy vegetables with healthy plants.

With full-on attention paid to minimal bare soil (think mulches), plenty of compost to regenerate the soil, and winter cover crop to maximize microbial life and water retention, our goal is to optimize nutrition in the soil.

After harvest, the corn is blanched using old-fashioned home-kitchen-style methods to preserve it without denaturing. And finally, it is vacuum packaged to lock in freshness for your enjoyment.