Greek Yogurt – Raspberry


32 oz.

Raw Greek yogurt from 100% grass-fed cows

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Here’s another very popular flavor in our line of Greek-style raw milk yogurt. Made with 100% grass-fed A2A2 milk from our Guernsey cows, never heated to more than 120 degrees to retain optimal nutrients and active enzymes, and finally, flavored with real raspberry juice from chemical-free berries.

The smooth texture of our Greek yogurt is an all-time favorite with children and is a snack or dessert you can always feel good about. Chock-full of beneficial live cultures plus the natural enzymes found in healthy full-fat raw milk, this yogurt leaves a memorable impression of real food so hard to find today.

At Pasture to Fork, our dairy cows spend their lives outdoors on lush pastures, resulting in a rich creamy milk and dairy products that speak for themselves. Fully grass-fed, no artificial grain by-products, and no antibiotics or synthetic hormones. Just real milk from healthy cows.