Hanger Steak


12 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

100% grass-fed and grass-finished


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Hanger steak is a cut of beef steak highly prized for it’s rich flavor. This cut comes from the inside of the diaphragm of a heifer or steer. Sometimes, the hanger steak has pockets of fat or membrane going through the middle of the steak.

The hanger steak is not the most tender cut, but this doesn’t mean you should miss out on the unbelievable flavor. As always, there’s a trade-off between tenderness and flavorful. It is perfect for marinating, and is wonderful to broil or grill. Best served rare / medium-rare.

In terms of flavor and texture, it is comparable to flank steak. It’s so tasty, in fact, that it was previously known as “butcher’s steak”, as butchers would often prefer to keep it for themselves rather than selling it. Our meat is from 100% grass-fed cattle, and we don’t use hormones or steroids