Iron Skillet Einkorn Tortillas


6 einkorn Tortillas per pack

handmade at Walnut Run Bakery

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What a novel food coming from the bakery at Walnut Run! These Einkorn Tortillas, boasting only a few basic ingredients, are a wrap you can really feel good about.

The ultimate ready meal will be easy now using the einkorn tortilla. Throw on a slice or two of our Lykens Valley cheese, our beef summer sausage or chipped pork ham, onions, lettuce or spinach, and your choice of mustard, salsa, pickles, cream cheese. After a quick heat in the skillet, you have an excellent sandwich/wrap in a shorter amount of time you can go to your nearest fast-food outlet.

Made from organic einkorn flour, water, organic olive oil, herbs, and Real salt.

The Bakery at Walnut Run prides themselves in sourcing not only the best of organic materials but also producing many ingredients on their own farm. The end result is baked goods and pastries not to be found elsewhere.