Shoe-fly Pie


8 inch pie

Organic & Gluten-free

From The Bakery @ Walnut Run

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When considering Pennsylvania Dutch cooking and baking, one particular pie stands above the rest. I guess you could say it “takes the cake.” Pennsylvania Dutch shoofly pie has been and is still a favorite among the Amish and Mennonite communities in Lancaster County. This sweet, sticky pie is a must-try for any pie enthusiasts out there.

Traditionally a Lancaster County breakfast dessert, shoofly pie is a great desert for any meal or snack. Add milk and a generous serving of greek yogurt, and this is a dish you will enjoy.

Walnut Run has taken the traditional super-sweet shoofly pie and revolutionized it. Replacing unhealthy refined flour with sprouted spelt, refined white sugar with organic rice syrup, and overall the best of organic ingredients available.

Contains: Organic sprouted spelt flour, organic rice syrup, water pastured eggs, organic sucunat, pastured butter, organic molasses, baking soda.