Sourdough Sticky Buns with Walnuts


4 pack

Organic & Gluten-free

From The Bakery @ Walnut Run

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Another memorable artisan bakery miracle from Walnut Run. Boasting clean ingredients such as: Organic einkorn flour, water, grass-fed Jersey milk, pastured butter, honey, pastured eggs, Real salt, and baking soda. Icing: butter, organic sucunat & cinnamon, maple syrup, these sourdough sticky buns start in with the a cinnamony flavor intermingled with the smooth savor of excellent pastured butter and eggs, and end with the slight tartness of sourdough.

None of the super sweetness and repulsion of commercially produced pastries where the lingering flavor shouts SUGAR and MSG, Walnut Run’s sourdough sticky buns are the very rare real deal made with top-quality ingredients.