Sourdough Sticky Buns with Raisins


4 pack

Organic & Gluten-free

The Bakery @ Walnut Run

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A soft and slightly crunchy sticky bun with a subtle bite of sourdough and the sweetness of raisins at the end. If you’ve been looking for that mid-morning snack or desert you can feel good about (or at least not as guilty), look no more. Made of Einkorn sourdough, Real milk and butter, pastured eggs, etc., this sourdough sticky bun from Walnut Run boasts the best of quality and do-no-harm ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic einkorn flour, water, grass-fed Jersey milk, pastured butter, honey, pastured eggs, Real salt, and baking soda. Icing: butter, organic sucunat & cinnamon, maple syrup.

At Pasture to Fork, we’re more than happy to partner with businesses such the Bakery @ Walnut Run, who uphold the highest of quality standards and operate with integrity and excellent environmental stewardship.