Whole Turkey (Frozen)



Exact sizes vary. Choose a size closest to what you want, and we will be in touch with the price based on its exact weight. To place an order for a fresh Thanksgiving turkey, click here.

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turkeys in pasture
Our turkeys are raised entirely outdoors in pasture after 4 weeks of age, where they can forage for grass and bugs.

The extra-special centerpiece for your upcoming family gathering. As always, GMO-free, beyond organic, and truly pastured.

Pastured turkey meat is lean yet tender, nutritious, and very flavorful. As is the case with other pasture-based meats, pasture-raised turkey is much higher in omega-3 fatty acids and has a better balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fats than factory-farmed turkey.

What Size Turkey Should I Order?

For turkeys smaller than 16 pounds, estimate 1 pound per serving (this accounts for bone weight). For larger birds, a bit less is fine; they have a higher meat-to-bone ratio. But if your goal is to have ample leftovers, aim for 1½ pounds per person whatever the turkey’s size. For 8 people, buy a 12-pound turkey

What to Expect from a Pasture to Fork Turkey

  • No antibiotics ever, or any growth promoters; our turkeys don’t do drugs
  • From 4 weeks on, they live in portable shelters on untreated pasture
  • Moved at least every two days to a new area of fresh grass
  • All-natural diet high in grass and bugs
  • Fed GMO-free feed from a local producer
  • Harvested humanely, by hand, on the farm under the PA exemption