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Raw Pet Food

Raw Pet Food

1 lb. resealable container

A genuine raw pet food made from 50% grassfed beef and 50% of our ever-abundant chicken neck & back (including bones), course ground for a healthy alternative to dry pet food from questionable origin. This pet food comes frozen in resealable containers for your convenience. after thawing you can feed your pet part of it and refrigerate the remainder for later.

Made with less-than-prime grassfed beef and the leftover chicken cut after the wings, breast, legs etc. are removed, this is an excellent choice if you're looking for a raw pet food. 

At Pasture to Fork, we believe in providing not only the best for you, but for your pets as well. Our Norwegian Elkhounds, Rosey, Kayla, and Rocky love this raw meat pet food, as do our many cats around the farm. We trust your pets will too.



100% grassfed beef and pastured chicken neck & back ground together for your pet's enjoyment and nourishment