Nourishing Food Solutions

Our family is committed to producing the highest quality food using no artificial or chemical inputs of any kind. It’s not some “new idea” or “latest fad.” It’s the old-fashioned way — the way our grandparents ate, before added chemicals, preservatives, GMOs, and subsequent medical problems came into the picture. You can purchase our products one of the following ways:

Visit Our Farm Store

Farm StoreStop by our Chester County farm near Honeybrook to purchase fresh dairy and eggs, frozen meats, and seasonally available fresh meats. Save money and buy whole fresh chicken on our butcher days during the summer. LEARN MORE


delivery vanDon’t live nearby? No problem. You can join one of our convenient buying clubs that have delivery drop sites, or help start a new buyers club in your area. In addition to our dairy, eggs and meat, we also offer seasonal produce from local farms. LEARN MORE

The State of the Farm –

One of the questions we hear quite often recently is, “How is your supply holding out?” And it’s a good question, because demand has increased dramatically recently. Here’s where we are….

  1. Chicken. As most of you know, we only raise meat chickens in the warm season. The reason for that is simply because pasture raised chicken and cold weather do not mix well. So starting in late spring, we raise chickens throughout the summer, dressing the mature birds every week from late May/early June throughout the summer and stockpiling our freezer for the winter months. We time the beginning of our production season according to the remaining inventory we have in the early spring. This year we started our first flock the first week in April for June harvest, and then along comes Covid and decreases our inventory much faster than we had anticipated. As of now, we’re out of whole chicken and some of the parts, but will be dressing our first 2020 chicken June 3rd. That’s only ten days away, so hang in there.
  2. Pork. Although we harvest pork about every three months throughout the year, inventory was low when Covid hit, and so far we haven’t been able to replenish a substantial supply (mostly because of processing availability [see The Prime Act]). We have more coming in about 2 weeks, and hope to be able to have more of a continuous supply from then on.
  3. Beef. We sold more beef in the last 2 months than any other product group. Ten days ago we brought about 1000 lbs. home from the processor, and already we’re low on steak and roast again. we have more coming early next week, but maintaining supply will be an ongoing challenge. Maybe we’ll have to encourage chicken consumption. We’re also fielding daily requests for bulk beef, so if you need bulk quarters, etc. (even later in the year) now’s the time to reserve.
  4. Eggs. Many of you have experienced disappointment from our vastly insufficient egg supply. Not only did we instate a 2 dozen per customer limit, but we were totally out of eggs on many occasions recently. But be assured, the solution is at hand. We have another flock just beginning production now, and in 2-3 weeks, they’ll be going strong and we anticipate removing all restrictions.
  5. Dairy. Due to it’s perishability, dairy hasn’t been as affected by the need to stockpile food in the wake of Covid. Plus, spring is when our supply is at it’s best, and dairy is readily available. Drink milk!

We’re willing – and poised – to expand, but because we grow all our own animals (to assure optimum quality) growth takes time. Thank you for your understanding, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated as things progress.