Nourishing Food Solutions

Our family is committed to producing the highest quality food using no artificial or chemical inputs of any kind. It’s not some “new idea” or “latest fad.” It’s the old-fashioned way — the way our grandparents ate, before added chemicals, preservatives, GMOs, and subsequent medical problems came into the picture. You can purchase our products one of the following ways:

Visit Our Farm Store

Farm StoreStop by our Chester County farm near Honeybrook to purchase fresh dairy and eggs, frozen meats, and seasonally available fresh meats. Save money and buy whole fresh chicken on our butcher days during the summer. LEARN MORE


delivery vanDon’t live nearby? No problem. You can join one of our convenient buying clubs that have delivery drop sites, or help start a new buyers club in your area. In addition to our dairy, eggs and meat, we also offer seasonal produce from local farms. LEARN MORE

Your Turkey Is Ready…

Pasture raised turkey    For those of you who reserved that extra-special turkey from Freedom Acres, it’s ready to pick up any time this week from now until Wednesday evening. If you’ve ordered a turkey to be delivered to our pickup locations, watch for an email on Wednesday morning with instructions when and where to meet us. And if you haven’t ordered a turkey and still need one (even for Christmas or any other occasion), we have a few extra’s still available.
In years past we’ve always been challenged to have enough large turkeys, but this year is different (what’s not different about 2020?) and we won’t have enough small turkeys this year due to many families gathering in smaller groups. We’ll do our best to meet your size requirements, but already know we won’t be able to come up with enough in the 12-15 lb. range. Thanks for bearing with us. (watch your inbox later this week for how-to-use-leftovers ideas.)