Nourishing Solutions

Our family is committed to producing the highest quality food using no artificial or chemical inputs of any kind. It’s not some “new idea” or “latest fad.” It’s the old-fashioned way — the way our grandparents ate, before added chemicals, preservatives, GMOs, and subsequent medical problems came into the picture. You can interact with us in one of the following ways:

Visit The Farm

Farm StoreStop by our on-farm store near Honey Brook for fresh dairy and eggs, frozen meats, seasonally available produce, and so much more. LEARN MORE


delivery vanDon’t live nearby? Meet us at one of our convenient pickup locations near you, or contact us to start a new location in your neighborhood. LEARN MORE

Reserve your Bulk Beef and Pork Now –

If you’re interested in purchasing bulk beef or pork, please get your reservations in now. As many of you know, 2020 was a hallmark year for bulk meat purchases due to the Covid-induced food shortage scare/panic  posed early in the year. We’ve been raising and selling bulk custom cut beef and pork since 2012 and in recent years the demand mostly stayed the same—and even dwindled. Until 2020. We sold far more bulk beef—and pork—last year than we ever have, and could have sold even more had it been available.

Now we’re in 2021, and not sure what to expect. But we don’t expect to have enough—especially beef—so please get your orders in as soon as possible. Bulk purchases are sold on a first come, first served basis. We offer beef as quarter, half, and whole carcass, and pork as half and whole carcass. It’s custom cut to the cuts/quantities of your choice. For additional information/pricing click here for beef, and here for pork.