We now offer FREE DELIVERY to our pickup locations for orders $149 or more

Straight-from-the-Farm Beyond-Organic Foods Delivered to your Door

So you can Eat with Confidence

Here's how it works.

Pasture to Fork Home Delivery brings farm-fresh foods that are raised ethically on our farm pastures without chemicals, GMO's, growth hormones, soy, and the like. We are the farmers, are a small family business, raise the foods ourselves and pack them to be shipped straight from our farm to you. No middleman, no national or global amalgamators, and no gimmicks. Simply great food that you can feel good about.

Questions? Visit our Home Delivery FAQs page.

To place an Order:

  1. Create an account if you haven't already.
  2. Choose Home Delivery as your delivery method. You can do this in your account page or near the top of every page you will see your current delivery method with a little "CHANGE" button beside it. Click "CHANGE", enter your zip code and select Home Delivery from the top of the list.
  3. Shop our convenient and informative online store for a full selection of truly pastured clean foods that provide nourishment, healing, and an excellent dining experience for you and your family.
  4. After adding everything to your cart, complete the checkout process and we'll take it from there.

We carefully pack and ship:

After receiving your order, we carefully pack the special farm-fresh foods you ordered in insulated boxes and have UPS (or for some areas, a regional carrier) deliver it to your doorstep. We normally ship every Monday, which means it arrives at your door on either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your location and the time in transit. The order deadline for delivery the following week is Friday at 12:00 midnight (the week before delivery).

If you're located in the Western States:
 We do not currently offer shipping to your area due to time and volume constraints (we're a small farm), as well as the cost of dry ice etc. to get it to you safely. Please find a local farm near you and create demand in your region. We're sorry UPS shipping is so expensive but have to recognize that shipping farm-fresh food halfway around the country is a costly endeavor due to its perishability.