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Unpasteurized Whey - pint

Unpasteurized Whey - pint

1 pint

Whey is essentially the liquid protein that is left over from making cottage cheese, hard cheese, or Greek-style yogurt. It's primarily used as an inoculant for fermenting vegetables or to presoak nuts or grains. Our raw (unpasteurized) whey is far better for fermenting or presoaking because it hasn't been subjected to high heat.

Whey can also be used as a protein supplement as an alternative to whey protein powder (being a natural product, our whey is probably healthier for you than the commercially made dehydrated powder), although our whey has not been analyzed for percentages of protein etc.

When kept in the refrigerator, unpasteurized whey has an almost indefinite shelf life, so if you only need a small amount for fermenting etc., please know that what remains is very shelf stable.

At Pasture to Fork, we encourage culinary skills and want to empower you to try new ways of preparing and preserving food in your home kitchen, thus we try to make available all the not-so-common ingredients you may need.