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20PK Ground Beef Bundle

20PK Ground Beef Bundle

With ground beef being the staple it is in many households, purchasing in quantity at a savings makes a lot of sense if you have the freezer space to store it. Our 20 lb. bundle offers you a significant savings while still having the advantage of convenient 1 lb. packs.

As a delicious and healthy protein option, it is no surprise that our grass-fed ground beef amounts to such high-quality burgers and steak patties. Our ground beef is GMO-free and soy-free with no fillers, and we only raise our livestock on pasture and all-grass diets.

If you go through ground beef regularly, a value bundle provides in-home food security and saves you money to boot. This bundle brings you 20 pounds of our gourmet ground beef in 1 lb. packages, ready for you next meal.

From Pasture to Fork, you have confidence in the meat that you eat. With bulk discounts and a large selection of choices for ground beef, we have something for everyone. With easy ordering and pickup either at our on-farm store or at one of our pickup locations, have no hesitation to purchasing the perfect meats for your meal.