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20 lb. Boneless Breast Bundle

20 lb. Boneless Breast Bundle

20 lbs. boneless breast in approx. pound-and-a-half packs

Packaged 2 filets per package. Approximately 15 packages in the bundle.

Do you love our pasture raised chicken breast? If so, take advantage of our volume saving on 20 pounds boneless skinless breast. Perfectly suited to make your own homemade chicken fingers or chicken nuggets, grilled and liberally drizzled with the sauce of your choice. Or make sauteed chicken breast cubes for a simple chicken and salad dinner.

Every home needs an in-home food stockpile or larder and the peace of mind knowing your next meal is as close as the home freezer. To that extent, we offer our highly preferred pastured chicken cuts in 20-pound value bundle to provide you that convenience without creating the overwhelm of full-case volume. Featuring about 14 packs (depending on weight) of 2 boneless chicken breast filets per pack, the 20 lb. bundle offers a nice stash of excellent beyond-organic chicken breast in your home.

At Pasture to Fork, we believe in not only raising pastured chicken as humanely as possible, but are passionate about keeping it chemical-free, GMO-free, on-farm processed, vacuum sealed, and quickly frozen to preserve for you the best chicken money can buy.