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20 lb. Leg Quarter Bundle

20 lb. Leg Quarter Bundle

20 lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters - 2 per pack - approximately 14 packs

Our chicken leg quarters are an excellent choice for your next BBQ or oven-cooked chicken. Boasting a tender dark meat with bone to add flavor, the prep choices are plentiful.

While less popular than thighs or breast, leg quarters provide a budget-friendly and patience-friendly meal. But don’t underestimate simple and inexpensive. When well buttered, liberally seasoned, and low and slow baked in the oven, our leg quarters become tender and juicy and perfect dinnertime contenders. Turn up the oven’s heat at the very end to get the skin nice and crispy, and you’ll have a seriously delicious chicken centerpiece.

Plus, it takes about zero time to prep it all. Getting the chicken ready might cost 5 minutes, and then you put them in the oven for an hour, freeing you up to get sides ready (or just chill for a bit!) while they bake.

Our chicken is beyond organic (think pasture raised in sunshine and fresh air with daily moves to fresh grass), and free of all chemicals, synthetics, and artificials. Simply chicken as nature intended.