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20 lb. Thigh Bundle

20 lb. Thigh Bundle

20 lbs. chicken thighs packaged 4 thighs/pack

This bundle brings you about 13-15 packages (20 pounds) of our wildly popular pasture raised chicken thighs packaged in about one-and-a-half-pound packages containing 4 thighs per package. Whether you just want the security of a stocked freezer or thighs are on the menu for the next party or event, a value bundle fits the bill and offers a price advantage to boot.

Grilled, oven-baked, or medium-cooked on the stovetop in cast iron, our highly versatile chicken thighs are sure to satisfy the taste buds in whatever method you choose to cook them.

At Pasture to Fork, our meat chickens are raised on pasture in floorless shelters to provide the maximum nutrition, optimal exercise and fresh air, and overall, the best in regeneratively produced food. Stock up on a bundle today.