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5 bird Whole Chicken Bundle

5 bird Whole Chicken Bundle

5 birds @ approx. 5 lbs. each

Get 5 birds & save over buying single birds!

We’re unabashed in our claim that pasture raised chicken is the best in the world. Here’s why:
The combination of raising poultry outdoors – maximizing fresh air, sunshine, greens (grass), and exercise – coupled with small-scale hands-on processing that minimizes animal stress and exceeds industrial sanitation standards makes for not only an excellent culinary experience, but also provides a hard-to-attain peace of mind knowing that it’s not loaded with GMO’s, hormones, and chemical preservers.

Our whole chicken bundle gives you a full case of 10 whole pasture raised chickens and allows you to save to boot.  The advantage of buying bundles is a 5% cost savings over single chickens, which is made possible because of volume.

Besides value savings in the whole chicken bundle, we also offer 20 lb. bundle savings in all the individual parts we normally stock: leg & thigh, boneless breast, bone-in whole breast, thighs, drumsticks, wings, broth etc.