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Beef Bone Broth

Beef Bone Broth

1 Quart - 32 oz.

The benefits of regular use of bone broth--especially broth that is made without chemical flavor enhancers or preservatives, are not few in number. From reduced inflammation to digestive health to anti-cancer effect to skin health (think collagen), bone broth is a powerhouse of nutrition important for sustaining good health.

While chicken broth is better for gut health and digestive issues due to its gentle soothing properties, beef broth outshines it in mineral content and deep nutrition, which makes it better for structural problems like arthritis, joint pain, and the like. Beef bones, being larger and thicker-walled than chicken bones, are more nutrient-dense due to growing slower. And then there's the marrow content, which is packed with nutrients, and adds another layer of richness and value.

Beef broth has a stronger and more robust flavor than chicken broth, which makes it less preferable to take as a simple hot beverage, but it's excellent to use as a base for soup or stew, which is how we (the Fisher family) use it heavily. For a quick healthy soup or stew, start with a base of rich beef bone broth and add your choice of meat (we prefer oxtail for a rich oxtail stew) carrots, onions, garlic, or a variety of herbs or seasonings for a satisfying soup that tickles the taste buds as well as feeds your microbiome much-needed and hard-to-find-in-this-modern-day essential nutrients.

At Pasture to Fork, our goal is to not only bring you the best in pasture raised meats and dairy, but to also offer hard-to-find value-added items that are as original and untainted as possible.