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Butter 16 oz.

Butter 16 oz.

16 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Need a smaller size? Check out our 10 oz. raw butter.

When you want the real thing, raw butter is it. Although not "allowed" by the food police, our unpasteurized-golden-yellow-homemade-completely-grassfed-real-butter is not even a recognizable cousin of the pale-white-pasteurized-factory-farmed-corn-fed-stick-butter from the supermarket or grocery store.

Whether you want it to cook with or to enjoy on a slice of our delicious Einkorn sourdough bread with a generous helping of raw honey for a nutrient-packing snack, our raw butter can be used in numerous ways to tickle the palate and sustain the body.

Our golden-orange raw butter is made from milk produced on the best of summer grasses and tastes like summer and sunshine rolled together. It is then frozen and stored for the dormant season so you can enjoy this superfood during the off-season as well.

At Pasture to Fork, we always aim to bring you pure unadulterated as-nature-intended live food from animals that are humanely raised in their natural environment on lush green pastures.

Not Government Approved for Human or Pet Consumption (but in our not-so-humble opinion, better than any "approved" pasteurized butter available).