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Chicken Feet & Heads

Chicken Feet & Heads

1.5 lbs. Avg. | Pkg.

While many–including some in the Fisher household–initially found the concept of using animal parts such as feet & heads a bit reviling, after doing so and seeing the unequivocal added nutrient benefits, we haven’t looked back. After all, these parts have always been used–and prized–in traditional cultures. And one could argue that food traditions from yesteryear are more normal and recognizable to our internal microbes than many of the pseudo foods created in the laboratories of modern-day food manufacturers.

Chicken feet (and heads) are incredibly nutritious and ideal for making flavorsome stocks and broths. Chicken heads and feet contain a number of nutritious minerals–and lots of gelatin, of course–that you don’t find in other cuts, and better yet, they make for a fantastic broth or stock.

Our chicken feet and heads are all pre-cleaned and ready to add to your next broth or stock pot. Add them to your next broth recipe and taste for yourself the flavor that they offer. At Pasture to Fork, our poultry is never fed antibiotics or drugs, and we always promote animal welfare.