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Chicken Hearts

Chicken Hearts

8 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Not only are chicken hearts packed with flavor, but they offer a great source of protein, vitamin B12, iron, and more! If you’re looking to order quality chicken hearts at an affordable price, look no further. We guarantee you’ll get the best of the best right here with us.

At Pasture to Fork, our chickens are raised on open pastures, and do everything in our power to help them to the best lives possible. We strongly believe our livestock’s welfare translates directly to the quality of meat on your plate, which is why we raise our chickens humanely.

Surprise your family with chicken hearts and offer a change of pace and excitement to the table. The taste of these delicacies is similar to dark chicken meat, if not even more pronounced. Try them skewered for the grill for a succulent surprise, or perhaps fried with onions, mushrooms, and aromatic herbs.

And as always, GMO-free, chemical free, and raised in floor-less field shelters outdoors on grass.