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Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver

8 oz. Avg. | Pkg.

Chicken livers provide a delightful addition to your dinner plate and are especially good for you if they are home raised and beyond organic. Plus, they are filled with essential nutrients like iron, folate, and vitamin A that are hard to come by in today’s processed food environment.

Due to liver being a toxin screen it’s essential to source it from animals that are optimally healthy, otherwise you risk absorbing the very toxins the livers screened from the unhealthy animal. Pasture to Fork’s liver comes from fully pasture raised chickens that are fed only chemical-free and GMO-free grains in addition to the greens and bugs they glean from pasture.

Preparing chicken livers as part of a tasty, nutritious meal isn’t hard. You can rinse and season them, and simply pan sauté them in a skillet with a bit of olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt. Or, our Fisher family favorite is to lightly bread them (with sourdough bread crumbs, dried and rolled) and fry in pork or chicken lard for three minutes (we've longer and shorter to have less-than-optimal outcomes). That good eatin'! Especially so considering it's generally-unpopular liver.

At Pasture to Fork, we believe Dr. Weston Price's observation of the commonality of organ meat in the indigenous cultures he studied means something. These primitive peoples were in tune enough with nature that they knew instinctively--without scientific studies--that organ meats were one of the most nutritious foods they could eat. And as Dr. price observed, they were well served by the practice of regularly consuming organs meats.

Packaged in half-pound packages, our chicken livers are the best available anywhere. Try them today!