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Chocolate Supreme Ice Cream

Chocolate Supreme Ice Cream

1 Quart 32 oz.

If you want ice cream that not only tastes like something other than artificial sweeteners and preservatives, try our raw ice cream. Made from raw milk, raw eggs, and simple original flavorings, it not only tastes like no other ice cream available but is nourishing as well.

Our chocolate ice cream boasts a rich chocolate flavor derived from pure unsweetened chocolate. Combined with raw cream and pastured eggs, it's unsurpassed in both flavor and texture and may be one of the most memorable treats you'll ever experience. 

For that mid-afternoon energy boost, enjoy a snack of ice cream. In terms of commercially made ice cream, that's sounds like an irresponsible indulgence. Not so with our raw ice cream. Being sugar-free, it's guilt-free as well, and the raw cream is naturally invigorating.

At Pasture to Fork, we bring you the best in not only healthy original foods as nature intended, but also foods that are humanely produced and environmentally friendly.



100% grass-fed cream and milk, raw pastured eggs, maple syrup, unsweetened chocolate, Real salt