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Raw Cottage Cheese

Raw Cottage Cheese

10 oz. container

A blend of melt-in-your-mouth soft cheese curds mixed with a generous amount of heavy cream to create an unforgettable flavor, our totally raw cottage cheese rates several cuts above its commercially made counterpart!

Made from raw skim milk cultured fresh immediately after milking and finished with just the right amount of heavy cream mixed in for that perfect blend of sweet and sour, we're happy to say that our cottage cheese is never heated to more than 120 degrees, which leaves the natural enzymes and probiotics intact.

Perfect to serve as a side with salad, as a stand-alone desert or treat with fresh fruit, or as a topper to a jam sandwich, our cottage cheese is as versatile as it is delicious. We're adamant about keeping it completely chemical and preservative free, always from 100% grassfed cows, and cultured at low heat to preserve its integrity. Try our fresh cottage cheese today!

We partner with the Stoltzfus family at Narvon Natural Acres for our dairy, and they are the best in the direct-to-consumer world at their trade. Milking a small herd of 100% grass-fed Guernsey cows as a family venture and turning into white-tablecloth-quality dairy foods that are as consistent as they are memorable, their family farm in nearby Narvon is an asset to our endeavor for the best in clean eating at Pasture to Fork.