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Cream Cheese 10 oz.

Cream Cheese 10 oz.

10 oz. container

A creamy soft cheese with a slight cultured bite at the end, our cream cheese beats the flavor of commercially produced cream cheese every time. Our cream cheese is made with raw cream and milk from 100% grassfed cows and cultured in small batches for optimal quality and maximum attention to detail.

Being a mere 50/50 mixture of cultured whole milk and heavy cream, raw cream cheese is a product that’s easy–and very rewarding–to make at home. For information on how to do so click here.

Since 2020, our dairy products are made by the Stoltzfus family at Narvon Natural Acres (about 10 minutes from Pasture to Fork), who manage the dairy, milk the cows, and process all the dairy on-farm. We work very closely with them to ensure that we get what we promise we're bringing you, and they do an outstanding work in making excellent raw milk and dairy products available to you. We're proud of them and their work, and are grateful to have them to help us serve you better.