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Dried Beef (sliced)

Dried Beef (sliced)

1 lb. Avg. | Pkg.

When you're looking for a natural healthy deli meat to enjoy on a sandwich or with a cheese plate, look no further than our dried beef. Made from premium roast that is brined in salt water and then smoked and thinly sliced, this is a memorable ready-to-eat meat that keeps you returning for more.

Dried beef is an old shelf-stable method of preserving beef roast while also turning it into a beautifully versatile food that boasts a robust flavor that fits well with many different dishes and applications, whether it be as a snack with crackers and cheese or as a deli meat.

Our favorite dried beef recipe is dried beef gravy (aka creamed chipped beef), which is really just a thick gravy made with thickened milk (we usually use tapioca starch as a thickener) and finely shredded dry beef. When used as a gravy over bacon, eggs, hash browns, or even a breakfast casserole, it makes for a memorable gravy boasting a salty beefy flavor that's exclusively shouts, "DRIED BEEF!" Dried beef gravy is also excellent over toast with cheese as a snack or a meal in itself.

At Pasture to Fork, we're passionate about not only bringing you the best in 100% grassfed beef and other pastured meats, but we're always open to new ways of serving you with unique cuts and products that are hard to obtain elsewhere. Whether it be bones and organs that supermarkets won't carry, special cuts of meat not available in the commercial markets, or alternative sweeteners, we're here to serve.