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Pastured Duck Eggs

Pastured Duck Eggs

1 Dozen | Pkg.

The foremost difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs is in the potency, which primarily revolves around nutrient density. The yolk of a duck egg is considerably larger than that of a chicken egg, thus, eating one duck egg is similar to one and a half chicken eggs. This also applies when using duck eggs in recipes–you can usually et away with using fewer eggs than the recipe calls for.

Given the dramatic rise in egg allergies–especially among children–most individuals affected can tolerate duck eggs, and even more so if they’re GMO-free, soy-free and from pastured ducks.

At Pasture to Fork, we believe animals will be happier and healthier when they’re allowed to live outdoors in their natural habitat. Therefore, food producing animals will–we believe–give us food that is healthier and more nutrient dense. Therefore, we are adamant about finding and implementing animal management protocols that mimic natures template.