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Grape Ginger Kombucha

Grape Ginger Kombucha

12 oz. bottle

When you need that fine wine imitation mocktail, there's Grape Ginger kombucha. A sweet, fizzy fermented tea made from the finest organic and chemical-free ingredients, Walnut Run's kombucha is made by adding a bacterial colony to sugar and tea and allowing the mix to ferment.

Loaded with probiotic, or friendly bacteria, Kombucha is known to boost energy and adds a dimension of healthy bacteria to the microbiome. While commercially made beverage found in supermarkets and convenience stores (not to mention vending machines) are detrimental to human health because of their excess sugars and chemical flavorings, our grape ginger kombucha is flavored with cold-pressed grape juice from a chemical-free local grower. 

While Walnut Run Farm is best known for their beyond-organic bakery, they excel in brewing kombucha as well. Dedicated to using only the purest ingredients, their kombucha is made with your health in mind.



water, kombucha culture, organic raw sugar, organic black tea, chemical-free grape juice, organic ginger root