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Ground Beef With Organs

Ground Beef With Organs

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We know the science is in. Organ meat is healthy. Perhaps healthier than almost anything else we can eat. But I hear you say, it’s such a challenge making them edible, not to mention desirable enough to have children (or myself) eat them eagerly. Yes, I know. We feel your dilemma. That’s why we created our ground beef with organs.

Our delicious ground beef with organs offers the final solution to the organ meat problem. Made from 85% premium grassfed ground beef and 25% beef organ meats (10% heart, 10% kidney, and 5% liver), it not only tastes good, but also has a perfectly tender texture. Make your own burgers or meatballs and enjoy a healthy meal that includes a subtle touch of highly medicinal organ meats that can be so difficult to incorporate.

From Pasture to Fork, you have confidence in the meat that you eat. With easy ordering and pickup either at our on-farm store or at one of our pickup locations, have no hesitation to purchasing the perfect meats for your meal.