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Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

1 Quart - 32 oz.

And then we have the old original, Vanilla, for those who want to enjoy a cold dish with no frilly flavors. Made from unpasteurized cream and pastured eggs and flavored with all-natural vanilla extract, it satisfies the appetite, the desire for clean food, and the need for environmentally enhancive farming.

While many folks on the integrity food front tire of the fake sweetness and myriad of ingredients in supermarket ice cream, few know of an alternative outside of making your own. Why is that? The little-known fact is that even states who have raw milk permitting in place, most limit permitted dairies to only raw fluid milk and aged cheese, which cuts out the option of simple old-fashioned raw milk ice cream. Because we forego the licensure, we have the unique opportunity to bring you this excellent product.

Cows on pasture, small-scale milking facilities (complete with modern stainless steel and up-to-date cooling equipment), professional albeit small-scale processing facilities, and a family dedicated to quality, integrity, and consistency. That's the story of our dairy partner at Narvon Natural Acres, who provide you this remarkable ice cream via Pasture to Fork. 



100% grass-fed cream and milk, pastured eggs, maple syrup, organic beef gelatin, vanilla extract, and Real salt