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Milk Kefir - Plain

Milk Kefir - Plain

1 quart - 32 oz.

Milk kefir is a delicious fermented probiotic drink with a pleasantly tangy sour taste—a lot like drinkable yogurt—that's delightfully creamy and even a bit effervescent. While you can buy it, milk kefir is easy to make at home and doesn't require any special tools.

If you experience digestive difficulties or poor immune function, consider using milk kefir. Cultured from a live microbial inoculant for 12-24 hours, it is loaded with probiotics and gut-friendly bacteria. We (the Fisher family) have used this kefir extensively over the years and have experienced phenomenal results.

Made from whole raw milk and cultured with pure natural cultured (who reproduce naturally during the culturing process), our milk kefir is not pasteurized or homogenized in at all. While there are a number of pasteurized milk kefirs available commercially, they are all pasteurized in order to be sold commercially. While these kefirs may be good in their own right, we believe the pasteurization process diminishes the value of the culture and friendly bacteria.

At Pasture to Fork, all our dairy products are made from milk that is derived completely from our beyond-organic pastures. They are never pasteurized, homogenized, or altered from its natural state prior to the culturing process. Our cows are never injected with antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or any other intervention commonly used in commercial dairies.